1) We will provide strong screening and security at the entry points of each sporting event. Gate personnel will include campus and Tulsa police as well as site administrators. We reserve the right to turn away any patron to protect our athletes and guests.

2) We will fully support law enforcement in their efforts to keep TPS safe.

3) We will provide telephone hotlines for students and patrons to report possible incidents. 749‐9966 and 596‐COPS.

4) We will require all high school students to provide valid, current school IDs to purchase tickets at the gate. Adults may, at the district’s discretion, be required to provide a valid picture ID to purchase a ticket.

5) Non‐high school students (middle school and under) must be accompanied by a responsible adult with a valid photo ID. The adult must stay with the child throughout the game.

6) All spectators will be required to sit in the bleachers. No congregating will be allowed. If a spectator leaves the stadium, he/she must present ID and pay the full ticket price in order to re‐enter.

7) The gates at all sporting events will close at the start of the third quarter/period. No one will be allowed to enter the stadium/gymnasium after halftime.

Athletic Director
Robert Biggins

Phone# 918-746-8000
1919 W 40th St
Tulsa, OK 74107

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