Webster’s Information Technology strand develops students’ problem-solving skills, preparing them for post-secondary education and successful careers.

Through curriculum and hands-on work experience, students gain an understanding of the connections between their academic concepts and the workplace.

Students gain an overall understanding of information technology with an emphasis on digital gaming. 2D and 3D animation classes are available as well as network and router fundamentals and computer repair.
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  • Computer Repair
    Students will prepare for positions related to the maintenance of computers and computer-related equipment through hands-on and project-based learning, textbook assignments, and Internet research.  The focus of this course is in the hardware area.
  • 2D Animation
    Students will trace the history of animation; describe the animation techniques for stop-action, cutout, image capture, digital cutout, and collage; apply the proper animation for 2D digital motion graphics animation; create sound, title animation, closing/credit animations; create animation for web & movie format types: Quicktime, Flash, and AVI.
  • Fundamentals of Web Design
    Still will acquire fundamental web authoring skills and design strategies through the application of XHTML incorporating Cascading Style Sheets and future trends in web programming.  Once XHTML foundation skills are achieved, students will utilize a WYSIWYG editor and graphics package for application of design principles.
 Fundamentals of Technology
 Multimedia and Image
 Management Techniques
 Computer Repair and Troubleshooting
 Fundamentals of 2D
 Motion/Graphics for Video
  Computer Repair and Troubleshooting
 BCTI Internship
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