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Facts About Your School Health Clinic

Health personnel follow protocols, procedures, and policies developed and/or approved by the Director of Health Services, School Board, Superintendent of his designee. Health Assistants and designated staff are supervised, on health related issues, by a Registered Nurse (RN) and the Director of Health Services.

In order to assist your child with health related needs, you should inform health personnel of: specific needs, limitations, restrictions or areas of concern indicated by the doctor, dentist, licensed healthcare facility, or parent, all immunizations, boosters, or restrictions obtained from licensed health care providers, changes in eye exams and any restriction limitations or accommodators needed medications (prescription and non-prescription) routinely taken at home or school.

For medications taken at school, the appropriate forms must be completed, the medication provided by the parent, guardian, or person responsible for student's care, absences from school. For your child's safety, call the school attendance office daily to report absences. If your child is absent three (3) or more days, please call or send a note to the school health clinic before the first class, and a phone number and emergency number where parent, guardian, or person responsible for student's care can be reached should be on file in the clinic. The health personnel should be immediately notified of changes.

If you have questions or concerns related to your child's health, contact the school clinic.

Required Immunizations:

Required Immunizations for the 2016-2017 School Year
Child Care Preschool/Pre-KG K-6th Grade 7th-9th Grade 10th-12th Grade
4DTP/DTaP/Td 4DTP/DTaP/Td 5DTP/DTaP/Td 5DTP/DTaP & 1 Tdap Booster 5 DTP/DTaP & 1 Tdap booster
3 Polio  3 Polio  4 Polio  4 Polio  4 Polio
1 MMR  1 MMR 2 MMR 2 MMR 2 MMR
3 Hep B  3 Hep B 3 Hep B 3 Hep B 3 Hep B
2 Hep A 2 Hep A 2 Hep A 2 Hep A 2 Hep A
1 Varicella 1 Varicella 1 Varicella 1 Varicella 1 Varicella

TPS Health Services page has more information.

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