Mystery Fiction

Meg Cabot

You’ve read about Mia…now get to know Jessica. After being struck by lightning Jess discovers a psychic talent for finding missing people. That’s fine when she’s finding missing kids from milk cartons…but when the FBI gets interested things get dangerous.

Agatha Christie

A woman strangled in a train, the only witness to the crime on a train going in the opposite direction. A murderer with a fixation for alliteration. A husband and wife shot in a suicide pact, or was it? Christie’s master detectives solve them all.

Kay Hooper

Bishop’s Special Crimes Unit blows the buttoned-down FBI image out of the water. From a killer who leaves coins as tokens of affection to a serial killer on his third life, Bishop’s team tackles whatever comes their way using police work and psychic ability.

Katherine Hall Page

Faith Fairchild is trying to get her catering business off the ground, but when the ground is littered with corpses…what’s a girl to do but clean up the mess? This minister’s wife finds mysteries on every job she takes and still puts on perfect dinners, teas, and lunches.

Francine Pascal

Gaia Moore was born without fear. Unfortunately for the FBI, she was also born without much respect for rules and procedures. The combination frequently leaves her out a limb with her bosses and the bad guys in a race to see who’ll cut it off first.

James Patterson

Alex Cross and Lindsey Boxer don’t have a lot in common. They live at opposite ends of the country and have very different friends. But both are tough cops with a flair for solving the hard cases. Cop drama at its finest.