Historical Fiction

Kevin Crossley-Howland

The lives of the great king Arthur and a twelfth century English boy of the same name play out together in this series. From King Arthur’s Court to the Fourth Crusade history plays out with pageantry and adventure as young Arthur de Caldicot grows to manhood.

Christian Jacq

Life in Ancient Egypt isn’t easy, even for the “Son of Light” Ramses. A scheming brother, invading Hittites, two women under his roof, and a demand from his old friend Moses all play into the panorama of his life, and yet he endures as do his people.

Louis L’Amour

Welcome to the Wild West and the Sackett Family. This family sticks together through thick and thin…and Apache kidnappings, and hunting for buried treasure, and claiming lost inheritances, and founding ranches, and…well…everything.

Ann Rinaldi

The history of a growing nation serves as a rich backdrop for Rinaldi’s books. From the days of Old Salem, through the revolutionary and civil wars, to the textile mills and struggle for unions, Rinaldi’s heroines meet their challenges with courage and hope.

Nancy Springer

Robin Hood has a daughter, and she’s following in her father’s footsteps. Rowan Hood gathers her own band of misfits in Sherwood Forest to fight injustice wherever it may be found, even within her own family.

Marcus Sedgwick

From prehistoric England to 17th Century Europe and France during World War I, Sedgwick spreads his creepy creeping atmosphere over dark events and desperate struggles. Chillingly gothic historical fantasy at its best.