Science Fiction

Orson Scott Card

Children engineered to be super soldiers and strategists…the only defense against an alien invasion. An aged computer responsible for the planet Harmony begins to deteriorate and must return to Earth for repairs. Card’s stories cross the Universe…and return.

Alan Dean Foster

Philip Lynx doesn’t know who his parents are or why he’s so important to the renegade genetic engineers of the Meliorare Society. But he’s determined to find out. If he has to save the galaxy in the process…oh well.

Robert Heinlein

A survival test that goes horribly wrong. A crash-landing in the Venusian swamps. An experiment in communication that turns into an interstellar voyage. All of these and more can happen in a Heinlein book. After all, the World is Myth!

John Marsden

What if you came home from a camping trip and found everybody gone? Strange planes are flying overhead and fireworks are going off in the distance…or are those fireworks? What if you were the only ones left to resist?

Anne McCaffrey

The mighty dragons of Pern defend their planet from the terrible Thread, which falls and devours everything it touches. In her Tower the Prime Rowan hears a call for help and responds, changing her lonely life. Tales that span the galaxy, in more ways than one.

Scott Westerfeld

Are you Pretty? Tally is. But she wasn’t always…and she won’t be for long. Do you live in the secret hour? What’s waiting there, and how scared should we be? Westerfeld’s dystopian worlds chill and thrill in a Special way.