Brown, Michelle  Prinicpal
Beesley, Chad Assistant Principal


Alwill, Anne  Math Coach
Anderson, Donna Math Resource Teacher
Ayers, Virginia ELA 6th
Barto, Laura Science Resource Teacher
Biggins, Robert
Burris, Sharon Science 6th
Clements, Amanda Sceince 7th
Council, Kandi-Lea Savvy Reading Remediation
Davis, Penny Band
Dunning, Lee Math Remediation
Fitzgerald, Amber Math 6th
Garman, Kari ELA Coach
Hill, Rick TRACIE
Holland, Katherine Geography 6th
Ingmire, Raylene Resource Teacher
Jolliff, Kathryn Computer (BCTI)
Karstetter, Alan Physical Education
 Kerr, Debra Counselor
Leland, Richard Resource Teacher
Lewis, Peggy ELA Resource Teacher
Marlow, Sandee ELA 8th
Medina, Krystal Science 8th
Miller, Mariah Teach to One Math
Orick, David Geography 7th
Overstreet, Patrick Read 180 / System 44
Reid, Melissa Resource Teacher
Roberts, Kimberly Teach to One Math
Satterfield, Leah Teach to One Math
Shahadi, Alexis ELA 7th
Trott, Alice Teach to One Math
Walkup, Linda Librarian
Wilson, Kim ELA 7th

Support Staff

Branch, Diana  Paraprofessional
Clark, Charity Check and Connect
Collins, Aggie Scoail Worker
Crabtree, Lorna Paraprofessional
Garcia, Maria Custodian  
King, Carissa Health Assistant
McKnight, Sam Custodian
Mushegan, Leah Social Worker
Packer, Debbie Attendance Clerk
Plunkett, Amy Paraprofessional
Warren, Amy Paraprofessional
Whitehouse, Linda Office Clerk
Wixon, Lori Paraprofessional