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Webster High School Senior Spotlight: Metzli Bravo

Before landing in Tulsa, Webster High School’s Metzli Bravo grew up in California and even spent several years living in Alaska.

“You wake up in the dark, you go to school and there is light for three hours, and then you get out of school and you are in the dark,” she said.

Metzli moved to Tulsa in the 8th grade and chose Daniel Webster High School as her home. Part of what drew her there was that it was a smaller school that offered more possibilities.

“When I got here I was like, ‘I have all these opportunities, might as well take advantage,’” she said.

While in high school, Metzli was on the TPS Student Advisory Council, the Mayor’s Youth Council, a member of BPA, FFA, and NHS. She was named the 81st Miss Daniel Webster and was the fashion club president. She was also an athletic trainer, played soccer, softball, and even tried out for cheerleading and volleyball.

"I say, not everything is going to be for you. Not everything is going to be meant for you, but at least if you try you get the aspect of, ‘Hey, maybe I am not good at this, but I know I am great at this,’” she said.

But Metzli's favorite activity in high school ended up being DECA – a national club that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, and hospitality. 

“It has taught me that I can do anything that I want to, and I am accomplishing all that I want to from all these experiences,” she said.

Metzli's teacher and mentor, Lanette Duncan, saw her potential and is excited to watch her continue to grow in college.

“Be true to yourself, be true to God, and you can do absolutely anything in the world. I love you, baby,” Lanette said.

Even though she never considered herself a “sporty person,” athletics pushed Metzli to be disciplined and responsible.

“I never played sports as much, I wasn’t really a sporty kind-of-a-person, but then I knew that I had these opportunities, so I might as well just take them,” she said. “I would wake up at nine, it was in the summer, I would go down to the field for practice from 9 to 12. At 12 I would go back home before I had to be back at school at 1 for cheer practice until 3. From 3 to 6 I had volleyball practice and from 6 to 7:30 I had soccer practice.”

Sports and clubs taught her to fail, but also how to stand back up and try something new with even more drive and focus.

(Bravo16) Metzli Bravo says… “There is no problem with failing. People may say ‘Oh, you failed at this, you failed at that,’ but the outcome is that I learned from all those fails. I learned that one technique didn’t work, and then the other one didn’t work, but I found the way that this step made it better, or this step made it better, and it’s just trying,” she said.

Throughout all her activities, Metzli maintained a high GPA and had perfect attendance.

"I always say, ‘If you are not going to show up, then what’s the point,’” she said.

Her coach Derek Phillips came to rely on Metzli throughout her time at Webster.

"If you had a right-hand person in high school, as a coach, she’s it for me. Organized, keeps me organized. Keeps everything in shape. Amazing student, school leader, just involved in everything between the school, and church, and sports, and life in general,” Phillips said. 

Metzli's plan is to go to college in Tulsa then transfer to a larger school to pursue a career in the business side of fashion. She encourages future Webster Warriors to put the effort in now to have results in the future.

“Try it again and a try it again, and then you are always going to get it right. Always. It just takes practice, practice. Doing it again, over and over,” she said. 

She's forever thankful to her friends, family, and school community for the love and support.

“Shout out to the principal, shout out to all my friends and family who pushed me to become better.”