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Webster Beyond

Warrior Way: A New Way to Learn

Warrior Way is a new learning program in English, math, science, and social studies. It has three parts: projects, student-led learning, and mentoring.


During freshman year, students will complete dozens of projects. Projects bring traditional content to life. Each project has a final product, such as a presentation, debate, experiment, or paper. Webster Beyond students don't engage and complete projects by themselves. Teachers and peers are there to support and challenge them. 


During the Warrior Way experience, students will continuously set and achieve goals of all sizes. This goal-setting process is part of becoming an independent and self-directed learner. Student goals might be, "Today I will finish my reading assignment", or "This week I will pass my content test." All of this is part of student-led learning. Student-led learning is a combination of individual and small group work. During student-led learning, students work through academic content, take assessments, and prepare for projects. 


Weekly mentoring is what makes the Warrior Way special. Every student has weekly one-on-one time with an adult to play their learning and set goals. Mentors play several roles: they are teachers, assist students in making connections between school and the family, and are trusted adults in the school. Most importantly of all, mentors always know how students are doing and are available to help.

What will we focus on through Webster Beyond?

  • Smaller student groups. Every student will be part of a small group called a "house" that meets daily with an adult champion/mentor and peers who share their interests.
  • Expedition Fridays. Out-of-school volunteer work and experiences on two Fridays a month will develop the skills needed for new jobs.
  • Personalization. Students will learn at their own pace and make choices about the progress and timing of their lessons with the support of teachers and computer-based programs.
  • Smart use of tech. Technology is the new textbook, but our teachers remain the heart of the classroom. Students will be loaned computers or tablets to take home.
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What will students gain?

  • More choices means students will better balance outside work and family responsibilities, while also preparing for college, work, and life.
  • Relationships that connect students more deeply to Webster, their teachers, and each other. Students will be heard, known, and understood, and supported. They will have a second home and family.
  • Connected students will feel their education relates to their real lifes.
  • Students will gain real-life skills that reflect what new jobs demand.
If you have questions about Webster Beyond, please email Principal Shelly Holman at or Webster Beyond Grant Director Tarsha Guillory at